Our potential client

  • Small medium businesses

Do not be a statistic. It is said that most start up businesses do not survive beyond 3 years . “Others say that a third of the  businesses will not survive in the next 10 years” - Former Cisco CEO.  Based on the SAICA 2015 SME Insight report, failure of SME’s is cashflow related. We will work with you and guide you  to build a portfolio that will grow your value and limit debt in your business. This report further indicates that Cash Flow planning is the second cited reason to the failure of SME’s

  • Professionals

Your peers have advanced whilst you were completing your studies and qualification over the past 8-10years. Now you can focus on creating wealth you need. Let us take care of your practice needs, whilst you focus on what you enjoy doing.

  • Post retirement

Life is uncertain. We all have aspirations and goals. Some are to own businesses to fulfill a lifelong dream, others is to travel, while others is to enjoy life free of any obligations and debt. As seasoned accountant, tax practitioner and financial advisor, we can provide the advice on starting a business, diversifying, balancing your portfolio of saving for different needs. We will ensure that you enjoy the wealth you have generated.

  • Free lancers

Your income is erratic. Let us help you plan for the irregularities in cash flows. We  can help you design a financial plan that will allow you to live a stress free life. Your retirement need not cause you any anxiety. There are risk and investment products designed to cater for such inteminent cash flows.

MMCP Wealth is a Level 1, Black Owned, Enterprise Development Beneficiary and an Authorised Financial Services Provider (FSP 48933).